Introducing: Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle

Ahead of their Gala Hala debut in support of Gus White, we met up with Adam and Jason from Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle to discuss names, influences and mad theatrics.

GH – Let’s get one thing out of the air, Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle is a fairly odd beast. Obviously any two-piece band needs a certain level of musical sympathy between its members. How did you meet, and do you think you have a particular dynamic which lends itself to working together musically?

JJ – This is awful complicated.

AS – The truth is when we met, we both lied about what we could actually both do.

JJ – No…

AS – Well I lied about being able to play the drums. I think the fact that all of our songs were created through improvisation is something which couldn’t happen if we were different people.

GH – We also have to ask, what’s the deal with the name?

AS – What’s wrong with the name?

JJ – Fucking up gig posters since 2016.

GH – You’re pretty hard to pin down sonically too. Can you give us an idea of how you like to characterise your music? Are there any standout influences which might help explain how the Colonel Chocolate sound came to be?

JJ – S Club 7 are a big influence.

AS – When I think Colonel Chocolate, I like to think somewhere between The Prodigy, ABBA and Meshuggah, but also none of the above.

JJ – You can’t forget our rap influence either. Notorious BIG and Cyprus Hill.


GH – You’ve also got some pretty odd tricks in your live show. For the uninitiated, can you talk us through what goes on during a typical Justice Triangle set?

AS – Well, every gig we’ve played so far we’ve picked someone from the audience to play drums on a song. Luckily, everyone so far has been a drummer. We didn’t know who the last guy was and he just happened to play the drums, so shout-out to that guy.

JJ – We also do the auld switcheroo and swap instruments mid song.

GH – Are there any big plans for the rest of 2017?

AS – Well after Gus’ gig we’re playing a techno festival.

JJ – That’s not even a lie.

AS – That’s it, end the interview. Kill him. Demons, suck his life out.


You can catch Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle live on 22/03 in McHugh’s Basement.

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