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Introducing: Paper Dogs

Ahead of their slot supporting Emmet McGonagle next week, we sat down with Paper Dogs to try and get to the bottom of what makes them tick. GH - Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. Can you give us a bit of background information about yourselves? How did you meet, and at what point… Continue reading Introducing: Paper Dogs


Introducing: Gus White

Photo credit:Corey McKinney GH - You’ve been involved in music since a young age, including a stint as a choir-boy. What others sorts of projects have you been involved with in the past? Can you delineate for us some of how you came to be where you are today? GW - I’ve been in all sorts of… Continue reading Introducing: Gus White


Introducing: Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle

Ahead of their Gala Hala debut in support of Gus White, we met up with Adam and Jason from Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle to discuss names, influences and mad theatrics. GH - Let’s get one thing out of the air, Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle is a fairly odd beast. Obviously any two-piece… Continue reading Introducing: Colonel Chocolate and the Justice Triangle


Introducing: Joel Harkin

Ahead of his spot supporting Gus White on the 22nd of March, Donegal born singer-songwriter Joel Harkin sat down with Gala Hala to talk about his background, influences and angry Facebook messages. GH - First up, for the unconverted, tell us a bit about yourself. How did Joel Harkin, the singer-songwriter, come to be?  JH - I’m from… Continue reading Introducing: Joel Harkin